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39259425_sMichele Zwillinger founded Zwillinger Research in 1982 to meet the needs of business owners and corporate executives of multi-million companies, as well as well-funded start-ups that are faced with making risky decisions on their road to success. These organizations need more than their gut to ensure sustainable profitability. They seek guidance based on an understanding of consumer behavior—desiring quality research with measurable results.

Ms. Zwillinger and her associates work in partnership with clients who want the comfort that comes from knowing they’re working with the best researchers in the business.

Our expertise in designing relevant research enables clients to make better strategic decisions, get better results and end up being more successful. For example:

  • Bank of America inaugurates red carpet service to deliver a much-craved, faster customer experience.
  • Jack-in-the-Box blows up the clown to convince skeptics they really have changed.
  • Max Factor sold “no more raccoon eyes” and “2000 Calorie Mascara”—connecting on a gut level with the women who buy their products.
  • Head West designs mirrors that don’t sit on the shelf but sell themselves at retail because they give buyers what they want in home décor.
  • Infiniti provides the driving experience car buyers want and wins awards while doing it.

If achieving results like these are on your agenda, then Zwillinger Research welcomes the opportunity to discuss your needs more fully and craft a scope of work that can get the mission accomplished.

Experience the Zwillinger Difference

We close the gap between failure and success. Marketing research produces numbers, data, verbatim comments, images, videos, and more. But our clients have told us that those things by themselves provide just part of what they need. They want more. They want the Zwillinger Difference!

Where other researchers are afraid to express their opinions or lack the marketing background to do so effectively—relying solely on reporting the numbers—our value is in:

  • Analyzing those numbers,
  • Synthesizing input from client and consumer,
  • Integrating all of that with our marketing expertise,
  • Applying 30 years of experience in over 25 industries, and
  • Helping you draw conclusions to take confident action.

If you are a forward-thinking corporate executive seeking a more promising future and want research that guides you to profitable, strategic decisions, then Zwillinger Research should be your next call. We are committed to providing you outstanding personalized service, which is why our clients come back year after year.

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Why Zwillinger Research?

We do more than just conduct research and hand you the results. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to make confident business decisions and that means helping you make sense of the results.
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Your Success is our Success

“I was very impressed by the report done at the conclusion of the focus group study. Report was very thorough and complete!” ~J.R.

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