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Success Stories

What can we do for you?

Our clients ask us to provide them knowledge about their consumers; what products and services to create to meet their needs; and how to reach them with a compelling message.

While each project is unique to each client, we generally:

  • Design research projects to answer your questions
  • Manage and supervise the entire project from design through presentation
  • Conduct and/or supervise interviewing and data processing
  • Analyze findings
  • Communicate knowledge collected and insights discerned from them
  • Provide conclusions and recommendations to facilitate your decision-making and action strategy.

But the best way to demonstrate our capabilities is to let our client’s tell you some of what we’ve done for them. Here are four examples of how we’ve served our clients (click logo/link to read success story):



Why Zwillinger Research?

We do more than just conduct research and hand you the results. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to make confident business decisions and that means helping you make sense of the results.
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Your Success is our Success

“Michele Zwillinger has proven to be an invaluable asset to our agency and to our clients in every stage of the marketing and advertising process.” ~S.M.

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