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Our Clients Say it Best

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work with clients that represent a range of industries. Here is a small sampling of the kudos we’ve received from our happy clients.

She Helps Me Get It Right

At a time when consumer market research is more and more seen as a commodity to be harvested from Internet sources, I commend to your attention one of the world’s best focus group research designers and facilitators. Getting useful results from focus groups is a tricky business, and Michele is a master of both the art and science of getting groups to tell you what you need to know, whether it is what you want to hear or not. I have worked with her on countless projects for over 20 years and will continue to do so as long as I am developing new products and services and she is available to help me get it right.

~Rick Newberger, Managing Director, Vanguard Media Corporation/CEO, The Institute at GlobalShift University™

A Rare Combination of Qual & Quant

The more we work together the more impressed I am. When we started working together (1994), I was convinced that you were the best focus group moderator (and overall study director) I had ever seen, and, accordingly have employed you in that capacity a number of times. Since then, I have used you for a number of quantitative studies and am equally impressed with your skills in that capacity as well. It’s not common for a researcher to have a high “hands-on” skill level in both qual and quant areas. Add to the above your expertise as a marketing generalist — now there’s a rare combination! Working with you has been tantamount to having an addition to my staff. Thank you!

~ Howard Furer, Director Market Research, Plantronics, Inc.

As Good As It Gets

Michele is an experienced research professional. She quickly integrates into your business to understand the products, services and the objectives of the project at hand. The quality of her work is as good as it gets and the project costs are always inline. At Casio Phonemate, she designed and executed a national new product focus group project. The execution and end result was excellent and assisted our company in making some key marketing and distribution decisions.

~ Dennis Cox, Casio Phonemate

You Hear with a Marketer’s Ears

Your exposure to product marketing; advertising from the inside out; and classical research training make you unique. You hear with a marketer’s ears; not just with a researcher’s. You are not an order taker but a problem solver. If I know what problem I want to solve, you can do the research to help me find and implement the solution. Investment in marketing research is comparable to having insurance. Why risk your investment without a policy promising risk reduction?

~ Kathy Rappaport, CEO/President Flash Frozen Photography, Inc. and Rappaport Business Management

International Acclaim

Michele is a great researcher and business woman and is very responsive to her client’s needs and expectations. Not only did she uncover the core values of our prospects and customers, but also she analyzed the data and reported the findings in a way that was essential to our product planning strategy for the next model year.

We have even gone back to her report in developing our strategy for the year after, so her work has longevity within our company. Personally, I won an award from Infiniti for my contribution toward Infiniti product planning that I based on her report. We made specific changes to the 2008 model year automotive design based on the findings in that report; and those changes earned the 2008 Infiniti EX35 three spots in’s list of The Top New Features of 2007.

~ Yuho Hattori, Cross Car Line Product Strategy Department, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Superior Focus Groups

Michele led a focus group to help us determine how to launch a new direct mail product RM Marketing established for Advo, Inc. Our team watched through a a 2-way mirror as Michele displayed our new product alongside those of our competitors. We were able to extract from the panel the attractiveness and benefits provided by each product and we were able to tweak what we were doing to better meet the needs of our potential costumers’ customers. We were very pleased with her work.

~ Ric Mandelbaum, President, RM Marketing/CEO Advo, Inc.

Pro Among Pros

Michele has been a Pro among Pros. When any company has a need for research, they should reach out to a business partner with understanding and quality. Michele will help bring success to the companies that work with her. She helped my company grow ten-fold in the last twenty years.

~ Eddie Goldbaum, Area Phone Bank, national consumer opinion company

Unexpected Customer Service & Responsiveness

Your customer service — desire for thoroughness — excellent responsiveness — attention to detail — was more than we ever expected. All challenges were met professionally and effectively.

~ Janet Plant, Principal, Identity Resources

Makes It Look Effortless

Michele is a colleague I look up to. I’m always impressed about how she is able to control the group (when moderating), while at the same time making everyone feel comfortable. And she makes it look effortless! She is very clear about what she wants to achieve. She makes sure she is moving toward the goal – but in a diplomatic fashion. …I have no doubt that, when a project is complete, her clients are very happy they hired her.

~ Jay Zaltzman, Bureau West Market Research

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“I was very impressed by the report done at the conclusion of the focus group study. Report was very thorough and complete!” ~J.R.

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